High quality cosmetics at a low price? Count me in!

When you’re feelin’ yo self, it’s a whole lot easier to enjoy it when you’re not breakin’ yo self.

Am I right? Or am I right? Lol

I love shopping at Sephora and Ulta just like the next girl. But i just cant always justify spending THAT much money on makeup unless it’s a special occasion or one of my ride or dies is empty…

I treat myself when I can but usually I prefer to save as much money and time while shopping as possible.

So online shopping is the way to go for this antisocial chick šŸ™‚ And below are 2 of my absolute most favorite online retailers for beauty products.

Not only are these sites affordable…. but they’re also super easy to use and have high customer service ratings.

I’ve personally purchased items from both of these places with ease and was over all pleased with every order.

Just because I’m pinching pennies doesn’t mean I’m going to or want to skimp out on quality products.

I happen to like my face the way it is so I try my absolute best to avoid buying makeup from places like ebay, Amazon, aliexpress, dhgate, wish, lightinthebox, and cute.

The deals on such websites are just too good to be true and that’s most generally because the product you receive isn’t what you ordered at all… it’s fake up. And fakeup is NOT good for you. Multiple reports have been filed saying that fakeup has caused irritation, rashes, redness, and even in some instances chemical burns and loss of eyesight!!!

Holy sh!t I’m all for a good dupe honey but a straight up fake knock off just isn’t something I’m willing to risk putting my skin through just to save a few dolla Bills yall!

With all that being said… here is 2 of my absolute favorite online makeup retailers šŸ™‚

  1. https://www.shophush.com

If you’ve read any of my previous work then you know that I am a huuuuuuuge fan of hush!

Not only do they carry some name brand products for cheap BUT they carry some brands you may never have heard of… like Face Candy and Bad Habbit! Both are known for their dupes of higher end pallets. And both have amazing quality pigments and beautifully detailed packaging.

I use hush through the downloadable hush app and not only do you get free shipping and hushpoints for doing so but they also have a new kick ass social feature that enables you to talk to everybody who uses the app! Its alot like Instagram and its gaining popularity fast.

I can spend hours on hush without even realizing it … it’s just so user friendly and fun and full of amazing deals and products!

  • I plan to do a full in depth review/haul for hush in the future so be on the look out for that. And if you wanna read what I had to say about the brand sold exclusively at hush called bad habit then check out my post “ballin on a budget” . Coming soon “I want candy” a detailed review on the brand face candy šŸ˜‰


Shop miss a is an awesome store as well.

Most of their products only cost 1$!


Yes you guys… you read that right just 1$!

They carry brands like kleankolor, santee, and amuse. All of which are pretty fantastic considering the price.

They also carry la colors and I must say they may have once been a cheapie brand… but la colors has been stepping up their game big time in the recent years šŸ™‚

Another thing you can find at shop miss a is their own house brands AOA and A20 studio line.

These are a little more expensive but still incredibly affordable. Most products are in the 5 to 10 dollar price range. I own a few of those products and they are just as good as some of the high end brands. My personal favorites are the baked highlighters šŸ™‚ and studio brush line. The brushes are out of this world! Especially since they’re only 1$ a piece! And dont even get me started on their beauty blenders… to die for! And still only 1$!

One thing I really really like about miss a is the fact that they donate to animal charity’s. I always go ahead and spend the little extra just to help the puppies and kitties šŸ™‚

Last but certianly not least ..if you’re one who would rather shop in store instead of online you can at select locations nationwide.

Happy shopping butterflies šŸ™‚

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either of these companies and this is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just a loyal fan and happy consumer spreading the word about something awesome… however… if Hush or Miss A would like to sponsor me or send me products to review id totally be down:)


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