Heartbeat for Influencers

Join me on Heartbeat! It’s awesome! http://hrbt.io/join/1025308

————–Attention Millennial Females!!!!——————

This seems to me to be a promising influencer app even for micro influencers like myself who only have a small following!

Most influencer programs cater to the big dogs who have 100k or more followers so it can sometimes be difficult for those of us who are just starting out and trying to expand our influence reach.

I’m just now starting my journey with heartbeat so I don’t have a status report just yet but so far just playing around with the app and getting myself set up I am thouroughly pleased. It’s very user friendly and the support staff is wonderful. I accidentally signed up with a misspelled email address and they fixed it for me in no time and we’re as kind as could be… especially with it being in the late evening hours when I requested support.

It’s a clean, clutter-free site with simple navigation, and the campaigns I’ve seen thus far seem very promising!

I will continue to play around with this app and give you an update in a few days!

Disclaimer: I have joined Heartbeat, am a Heartbeat advocate (or, Ambassador),  but this is not a sponsored post. If you use the link I provided to sign up for heartbeat it will positively effect my status as most referral type things do… but I will not receive payment of any kind if you end up becoming a member.


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