Ballin on a Budget

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Imagine this… You’re at your local Sephora or Ulta checking out the newest high end branded eye pallet (abh, katvond, huda beauty,etc) and are completely in love.

You are now racking your brain as to how you’re going to come up with the 40-60$ to purchase this bad boy and add it to your collection. It’s the new “it” thing, the real deal , the latest trend and you just have to have it. But wait… Rent is due this week, ohhhhh no! So what do you do to be able to stay on trend and yet still keep a roof over your head?

Well you can head on over to and pick up one of the pallets from the brand Bad Habbit! I promise you , you will not be disappointed at the quality of these products and their eerie resemblance to some of your higher end pallets.

Bad Habbit had produced some of THE BEST pallet dupes I’ve ever seen. And the quality of their shadows are so great you wouldn’t even think that they only cost 10-20$!!!

That’s right, only $10-$20 for high quality dupes with smooth and buttery pigments that could easily be mistaken for the real deal.

But wait Katy D! How do we know you’re not just saying this to get an affiliate commission or perks from the company? Well, you can believe me because I’ve told you I’d never lie to you guys and this post is 100% NOT SPONSORED by Hush or Badhabbit, but if either wanted to sponsor me I’d be thrilled. I am just a loyal customer and budget boujee coneseur and I can not get over the products hush has to offer. I plan on posting about the hush site/app in the near future but right now my main focus is on the brand badhabbit specifically.

This is what Bad habbit has to say for themselves :


Bad Habit was created in the heart of Los Angeles in 2016 by a team of creatives and professional makeup artists.

At Bad Habit, we believe there is beauty in being unapologetic about who you are. Bad Habit empowers you to be confident in both your inner and outer beauty, and celebrates those who are unafraid to break the mold.”

Sounds appealing right?

Still not convinced? That’s okay! Keep reading πŸ˜‰

You guys I’m serious. I can not get over how amazing these products are. At first I was skeptical because we all know you get what you pay for and the reason these higher end products are more expensive is due to the care and quality ingredients put into making them. However… After watching Manny MUAs YouTube video comparing BH Retro love and ABH subculture and seeing his seal of approval I just had to try these out myself…annnnnd my final conclusion is…

Bad Habbit is no slouch honey. Not only do they pack their products with high quality ingredients that you can view on their website … But they are also pressed to perfection. And they are #crueltyfree too!!!

From shimmers to mattes and everything in between I’ve yet to find a shade I’ve been disappointed with and that’s no joke. And the packaging is soooooo stinkin adorable and atstheticaly pleasing !

I don’t kid around about my makeup y’all! I love a good name brand product just as well as the next gal but when I found out I could get similar quality products with similar shades and end up with 3-5 pallets for the same price as 1 name brand pallet I was SHOOK!

So if you’re a budget boujee babe like me and want to stay on trend with the latest makeup looks but don’t want to pay for low quality dupes then go to and check out the pallets from the brand badhabbit. As far as I know that is the only place to find this brand because I believe they are exclusive to hush. You can check out the bad Habbit site as well for more information on the products themselves including ingredients lists and swatch photos.

Now some of you may find it offensive or think that they are ripping off the big brands hard work and I know the opinion on that matter will differ from person to person and you’re ALL entitled to you opinions. My thoughts on the subject is that if a pallet is a genuine “knock off” or “fake” then I do not agree with it at all because that is a direct misrepresentation of the duped product and brand and is also in my opinion tacky, lazy and rude. Fakes are NOT good for anyone involved and can actually potientally be he harmful to ones health due to poor manufacturing and low quality ingredients in dirty un regulated environments. Bad habbit pallets however are not “knock offs” or “fakes”. They are simply pallets inspired by other popular pallets and the shades may be nearly identical yes but the packaging, naming and other aspects are completely original and you can clearly see the attention that BH has put into their products and I don’t find this to be offensive at all because though the shades are similar BH clearly cares about what they are doing and they aren’t just ripping off higher end brands to make a buck. They just want to make high quality stuff for low quality price. Who can be upset about that? Not me honey lol.

I personally own the royals pallet and the retro love pallet and I use them nearly everyday. These shadows are so good and I can not wait to purchase more πŸ™‚

So do I have your attention yet? Are you ready to see what they have to offer?

Here is a list of pallets that bad Habbit has duped :

Light speed ($16) – Katy Von D Divine ($36)

Arabesque ($16) – ABH Soft Glam($42)

Midsummer Night ($16)- Too Faced Natural Love ($59

Royals ($10) -ABH Modern Renaissance ($42)

After Collection ($10) -Huda Beauty Obsessions ($27)

Retro Love ($10) -ABH Subculture ($42)

Dreamstate ($14) -Fenty Beauty Galaxy ($59

Artistry ($12) -ABH Master Palette by Mario ($45 – DISCONTINUED)

Solstice ($16) – Natasha Denona Sunset ($129)

Supernova ($16) -Natasha Denona Lila ($129)

Aura ($12)- ABH Prism ($42)

Athena ($12) -Huda Beauty Desert Dusk ($65)

Aphrodite ($12) -Huda Beauty Rose Gold ($65)

Inferno ($12) -Urban Decay Naked Heat ($54)

Impressed? Excited? If so then Ive done my job πŸ™‚ Every chance u get to share with you guys something that I truly love and believe in and think is worth sharing I will. I know we’re all struggling through life in our own ways but feeling beautiful should never be a struggle. And if you are a makeup lover like me then you understand the importance of good quality affordable products. So get to shopping people!!! Bad habbit will not let you down!

Also while your there browse their other great products and if you enjoy it as much as I did, go ahead and download the hush app because if you do you automatically get free shipping! The app also has a social feature and hush point rewards for logging in daily and those points can be used just like money at the check out so it’s totally worth having the app because you get up to 50pts a day and before ya know it you’ll be able to snag something from the 2$ and under section completely for free! Or you could wait and let the points add up, that’s completely between you and your self control lol!

Happy Shopping 😘
πŸ’œKaty D

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Disclaimer: I am not knocking the original pallets by anymeans. I know alot of hard work and effort goes into making these things and quality is quality hands down. I’m just offering up an alternative to those who may not be able to afford the higher quality name brand items and still want to stay on trend and/or would like to try out the shades before making that big purchase.

These photos are not my own they are screen shots from the product website that I put into a collage with a simple photo editor. I take no credit for the original photos.

This is not a sponsored post. Just my honest opinion about an awesome brand. 100% raw and real. And bad habbit it Katy D approved 😘


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